Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The death of moral standards in the media

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This post is simply to point out my frustration, sadness and disappointment in the media. It is the corruption of the main stream/liberal media that promotes the death of all things morally good and raises up all things morally bad. This has never been more clear now that simultaneously the media is promoting a man that has disfigured his body, the same body God gifted him that gave him extraordinary ability to be an Olympian, while at the same time bashing a man that has dedicated his adult life to serving others, God, and being a good husband and father. All I read is how bad of a person Josh Duggar is for the bad things he did as a 14 year old. Why is the media trying to destroy a good Christian family? The mere fact that they are Christians. For what they believe in and what they stand for. We all know how confusing 14 is, especially sexually. Nothing spoken from the main stream media regarding the facts that he knew of his faults and confessed, not only to his parents, but to law enforcement and then attended counseling to get help and get past it and to have a second chance. Yes, what he did was wrong, may the first perfect person cast the first stone....I'll wait...oh wait, that will never happen. This story broke illegally too and the people that released his permanently closed juvenile records should face the consequences for what they did. As for Bruce Jenner, YES I said Bruce, he can dress how he wants and have surgery to change his body, but God makes no mistakes, whether you believe in him or not, Bruce IS a MAN. He is not a hero for changing his look into a girl on the outside. No President Obama, you're WRONG! Of all people you're calling a hero, you are calling a confused and mentally ill man a hero, when you are the COMMANDER IN CHIEF to our military. The same military made up of volunteer men and woman that risk their lives on the daily for all of us and would take a bullet for you if asked to. But you're calling out Mr. Jenner as a hero? REALLY? Do you think Mr. Jenner will take a bullet for you? Mr President....THINK about what you say.
My final point is this, side by side, the Josh Duggar story and the Bruce Jenner story is proof that the media is, as a whole, an evil entity. They spread lies, have their own agenda, tell half truths in order to spin, and try to crush anybody that speaks out against them. Please do not listen to people that say God is not real and that we have to be open minded and accept things we consider morally wrong. That is their way of shouting us down to quiet us. We are all so scared that we'll be called a name like homophobe, hater, racist, or any number of other things, yet they same people calling us these names are the same people who are actually close minded, racist, and haters. Let's all start standing up for our beliefs and not be afraid to call things as they are. It's a free country with free speech...lets use ours! This is still the best country in the world, designated as so by GOD himself. Let's take our country back from the craziness that has taken it over. Let's regain control and turn our country into the country we can be proud of again. Some may say those days are long gone and outdated. I say that's absolute crap. This country was built on moral standards and we CAN return it to that again.

At this I close.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Big baby syndrome

What's makes any group of people more special than another that laws are passed in their favor at the same time to the detriment to all others? This blog is out of frustration to the newest story I just read about a Christian DJ refusing service to someone because their religious beliefs contradict the celebratory event being asked to provide service to. I can't count how many times I've walked into a market, shop or restaurant and visibly seen right up front the sign "reserves the right to refuse service to anyone". Why has this only NOW become an issue? How is this a human right? I even operated a mobile dj company for 12 years and always chose carefully what party or event  I did and did not do or even if I wanted to do. The only reason this is an issue is because we are allowing the government and main stream media the ability to make it a big deal. It's the classic situation when a toddler falls down and not sure whether to cry or not, as a parent you have two choices, you brush it off and don't make a deal about it and the kid is fine or you loose it emotionally , over caudal and the kids screams bloody murder over nothing. Now people think you're a bad parent. When I look for services, I gather a few names and start making phone calls. If someone says we don't do that, I call next on the list. I don't call an attorney or the government,  I wouldn't want a service working for me that didn't care for my event. THIS IS STUPID! people trying to ruin the lives of others over cakes and djs need to get over themselves and stop acting like toddlers who have been given the "ok" by "the authority" figure to make a stink

Sunday, January 11, 2015

pop culture-Bill Cosby...do you believe him or the women?

First,  let me say that I like Bill Cosby though everything I say in this post will be me stepping back and looking with an open mind and unbiased. That being said, what are your thoughts on this situation? For those of you not familiar with this controversy, Bill Cosby has been accused of some form of sexual assualt. From the accounts I've heard, it was nothing violent, and by that I mean forcible and physical rape or beating. The severity doesn't matter if it's true, rape is rape, but it's really easy to accuse a star who is universally beloved, considered a legend even,  of offering acting help just to slip a drug in a drink and take advantage of this "victim" once passed out...especially when it allegedly occurred 20 or more years ago. There is also a law called statute of limitations. I'm not a lawyer, nor do I know if that applies to this situation for sure, but my point is the length of time it took for ANY woman to come forward.

There will always be a question in our minds if he did it. Because there is no evidence it's easy to accuse without fear of truth coming out. It will always be his word against theirs. With woman after woman, mostly failed actresses coming forward, most writers and commentators readily agree he is guilty simply because there are so many of them saying similar things, like no one has achess to the internet or watches tv.
I know this is a sensitive subject with the main stream media constantly harping on a war on woman, mostly from the political right (whikch is untrue), which in itself is a whole other posting, but I don't think you can justify crusifing this man and his career because it's the in thing. 

I personally disagree with other commentators that he has to be guilty because there are so many woman. I actually see it the other way. It's just too fishy to me that all these woman come out one after the other jumping on the band wagon, none of which thought it was a good idea to report it when it happened. I don't buy that their silence was in fear of losing their careers. That's a too convenient way out of answering for a serious accusation. An accusation that's destroying a marriage, a career, and legend. By all means, if any of this is true, then he should see penalty. But to destroy what this man has built over a lifetime, with no evidence, is wrong. Our justice system is based on innocent until proven guilty and justice is blind requiring evidence and a good argument to prove guilt. The media however is always VERY quick to jump to the defense of any woman accusing a man of sexual assault without any evidence. The media won't stop helping women with their accusations until proven wrong, and then there is no reprocussions for said media for helping ruin the accused man's life if the truth comes out the man is innocent. Media used to have integrity. Now it's about the fastest and best headline, right or wrong comes later. The video of the Bill Cosby interview with the AP clearly shows Bill turn down any questions and comment regarding this scandal. Bill  even says that he agreed to the interview with the agreement from AP not to go there. They did anyway and Bill says that he agreed to the interview because of the AP's  integrity. Everything after the interview was off the record, Bill made sure they agreed and they were supposed to turn the camera off. They continued to roll camera and Bill made sure the AP agreed to not air the off the record portion. They aired it anyway. How's that for integrity? 

And what about the double standard?  No not the "what if it was a woman being accused" argument, which could be a good argument, but the fact that there is so much assault within the hollywood and political arenas currently and in the past and the media picks and chooses who they blast. No one talks about, but actually praise celebrities like Will Smith,  Jay Z, 50 cent, Chris Brown, CeeLo Green, Al Gore, Bill Clinton and the list goes on.

At this point I stand on the side of innocent until proven guilty. With solid evidence I will condemn his action and no longer support him. Until then, I hope Bill can survive the cruel media and these women's attacks. 

Those are my thoughts. Have a blessed day. 

Feel free to comment.

Sports-49ers/Harbaugh controversy over...what now?

Now that everything is over and Harbough is with Michigan, what are the 49ers going to do now? It's hard enough to find a good head coach in the NFL. The front office has already screwed up the best head coach they have had in many years. It's unheard of to get rid of a head coach after 4 years of a 5 year contract with his kind  of record. 3 championship and 1 super bowl visit. Most franchises would laugh at the 49ers front office for this, and I'm sure they did behind closed doors along with cheers and joy for the fact that Harbaugh is no longer a competitor...for now.
To add to the 49ers hardship, Frank Gore and Michael Crabtree are now free agents. Now the 49ers will have a new head coach,which means a different atmosphere in all aspects of the franchise including relationships, and a need to fill a major position with large shoes to fill in both running back and wide receiver, and a fairly new talented quarterback that's needs direction from a former quarterback now coach like Harbough. To keep this short and to the point, I think the 49ers will fall into a deeper slump as they are officially in rebuilding stage.

As a side note, Congratulations to coach Harbough with his new Michigan position and may he have fun and have the freedom to do his job as he should have been able to with the 49ers. Because of him, I'm now a Michigan fan and will follow to observe the rise of the next big college team.

And those are my thoughts. Have a blessed day.