Friday, December 5, 2014

Politics- Are you kidding me?

I saw a video clip of the Sean Hannity show that aired Thursday night December 4th (2014) in which he was interviewing Representative Eleanor Holmes Norton, the Democrat from D.C.
I need to get this off my chest. I am just so disgusted with our representatives and their B.S.! Hannity asks her why she supports the protests in Ferguson and NY where the narrative is "hands up, don't shoot" because based on the evidence and witness testimony in the Michael Brown case, it doesn't make sense.  Miss Norton was quite blunt when she stated she didn't care about the evidence because there was a bigger picture, which she believes is police officer racism and violence toward black people.  WHAT!!! Are you kidding me?
Sean Hannity Left Visibly Stunned by Dem Congresswoman’s Answer to His Question About Evidence in Michael Brown Shooting

Now I'm not a cop nor do I know many and I hate getting
 pulled over, but I support the police and their right to defend themselves and in my 36 years on this earth the most racism I've seen in my life are from people like this representative and certain other black commentators and celebrities that are constantly talking about how bad it is. I don't have a problem with race. And I believe the bad people out there are from all races, but the majority of people are good.
With the help of the mainstream media,  this small group of people keeps racism hanging on by a thread just so when they think they have the right incident they pull out all the stops and make an unrelated single event seem like it's an epidemic.  This is not how the majority of people in America think. I've lived in Arkansas,  South Carolina,  California,  and Texas and from my own life experience I know racism would go away if it wasn't purposely kept alive by certain people with power and a platform.  I'm tired of it.
Yes, there are people out there that think in that racist way,  BUT it is a very small percentage of our population and if you separate it, that small percentage of people are largely not even white.
I absolutely think people that do bad things should be punished and that's what are justice system is supposed to be about. Justice is supposed to be blind and Miss Norton and others, like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, have made a living off of claiming it's not, but the issue is that they are the people making sure it's not. They are working against the very thing they claim they are fighting for. All races are equal in America.  We all have the same opportunities.  It's up to the individual to make their way. That's the way this country was set up, even if it took a while to get there. Make no mistake,  we are there.  Dr. Martin Luther King Jr would be proud of the progress, unfortunately I can only imagine his disgust with the way things are playing out now. These protests may have been necessary 50 years ago, but times have changed and the riots and destruction from today's "peaceful protests" are not a continuation of Dr. Kings movement. 
Instead of Miss Norton fueling this violence,  she should concentrate on making policy that benefits all Americans and creates opportunities for all Americans.  That is literally her job.
For those out there that are confused about what's going on, please follow your heart. Don't listen to people like Miss Norton. They have a their own agenda and it doesn't benefit the majority of this country.
Thanks for reading,  have a blessed day!

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