Thursday, December 4, 2014

Sports- The 49ers - Harbaugh controversy asinine

I've been reading all these articles and listening to all these commentators talk about how even if Harbaugh pulled off a super bowl win it wouldn't save his job at the 49ers because of a few unhappy people. Now, I'm a 49er fan and have been since I played pop warner football, but in what business world do we live in where a winning coach like Harbaugh in the highest level of the sport of football where winning counts, is it okay to get rid of a coach that has done so well just because certain people don't like his demanding personality or others get their feelings hurt. His personality is the exact thing that drives him and through him drives his players and his program to win. The controversy is because of a few premodonnas that in my opinion talk too much and can't back it up with action.

After all is said and done, the 49ers separation with Harbaugh is the biggest mistake management can make. The smartest thing the organization can do is trade certain players and and bring in some grateful talent that will work better as a more dynamic and cohesive team.

Before I close, I just wanted to mention one more thing. The press is also a part of this issue. The press has been relentless on this controversy.  As a matter of fact,  their would be no controversy without the presses hand in this. This is not what I want to hear about in sports. I want the football side. I don't know why they focus on making this an issue, perhaps to take sight off real controversy like certain players in the NFL violence towards women (a whole different blog post), but I'm extremely disappointed in sports media. They seem to be following along the same path as main stream, political media.

There's my thoughts.  Have a blessed day.

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